Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mystical Kittens - A Craft Project

Mystical Kittens is a craft project we designed that you'll want to create again and again. This is so universally loved that it would make a magical gift for anyone.

First, you start with a great shirt.
We chose this great tie-dyed purple shirt in an XXXL (universally flattering) with the most darling assortment of playful kittens on the front. Notice that all the kittens have different shades of fur, encompassing all races of kitten. If you have black, hispanic or asian friends, they would really appreciate this.

Second, choose some fabulous embellishments.
We chose sparkly puff paint and pastel pony beads. We knew this would really make the shirt look special. This will take a great shirt from wow to WOW!
Finally, let's get crafting!
This is really simple and fun to do. We cut strips of fabric on the hem and sleeves of the shirt and tied on the pony beads. It makes the shirt so playful, you'll want to do the samba all day long just so you can hear those beads!
Use the puff paints to highlight. The sparkle puff paint makes it extra special and makes the kittens just pop.
You can see how we got the name "Mystical".
Here it is!
Can you believe how great Anne looks in this!?
Hello, it's so amazing. Totally wearing this to Walmart today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do You Wanna Get Lucky?

What do Wearing Walmart and the Irish have in common on St. Patricks Day?

AMAZING fashion........
Unsure what to wear out to your favorite pub on the big St. P Day? Wearing Walmart has answered your fashion dilemma. Take a stroll down the isles of your local Walmart and the luck of the Irish is sure to be yours. I mean because we definitely hit the Pot-O-Gold! Obviously.
Meg get's so blasted that she finds the beer money pouch invaluable. As the bartender can extract the money from her passed out body. Gettin' lucky? No doubt, she is wearing "me lucky shirt". Also the mini shot mug is perfect for those Irish Cream shots. Classy times.

Anne feels naked going out without some children hanging around...hahaha! What a cute little darling he is! Anne likes the attention the shirt draws. It tricks people, it is an optical illusion. It is not a real leprechaun, although it appears to be. People often come up and touch it, thinking it's an adorable red-headed child. If they come close enough not wearing green...gotcha! Anne loves to pinch.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the ladies of Wearing Walmart!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The perfect wedding gift for your 3rd cousins 4th wedding!

Ever since you heard about your 3rd cousins upcoming nuptials, the fantasy/renaissance theme have had you in a tailspin. I know you've been racking your brains and searching every dollar general for weeks trying to find that ever elusive, perfect wedding gift to fit the fantastical themed wedding. Look no further! We at wearing Walmart have done the hard work for you. Let your heart and mind be at peace........
No, this castle is not on fire, it's burning incense. This smoking delight is brought to us by Walmart (let's not forget the smoking incense dragon from a previous post). It always amazes us how Walmart can provide the perfect gift for anyone, seriously.

(lovely renaissance family photo via

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's about time, I get the recognition I DESERVE!

Finally after almost 15 years! Success is mine! This mother's day I was awarded with the "coup-de-grace" of all mother's day gifts. There's only one store who can produce such a spectacular feat of mother's day fashion combined with words of affirmation .....that's right, Walmart! Thank you Walmart for making it possible for everyone who sees me wearing this beauty to know who I really am!
"The WORLD'S coolest Mom"!!!!!
It's mine, all mine! MUAHAHAHA! So take that, suckers!!! It's mine now and nobody can take it from me! I've got the t-shirt to prove it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's 5 0'clock somewhere.....

It's hard to say what the actual intended purpose of the GIANT martini and wine glass is, but somehow it just felt soooo right to call a spade a spade;)